Law School Online - Learning from Lawyers is fun!

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Revising for your Law Exam - A Guide

A Guide to Revising for your Law Exams!


Diploma in Law - Learning from Lawyers is Fun!

Diploma in Law - Access to University course - LCATE

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Contract Law Certificate - CPD Course

Contract Law Certificate - CPD Course Learn the essential elements of a contract, the difference between conditions, warranties, what happens when there has been a 'mistake', 'misrepresentation'. When does a contract come to end in English law?

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The English Legal System Certificate

The English Legal System Certificate

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GDPR - Data Protection - What you need to know!

GDPR - Data Protection - CPD Course The GDPR will regulate the activities of organisations because most organisations process data. This course helps you understand the basic principles & gives you ideas of how to prepare!

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GDPR compliance requires every employee being GDPR Aware. So how do you tick the box? Do this course and gain a certificate. This can be used as evidence of employee training!