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Revising for your Law Exam - A Guide

A Guide to Revising for your Law Exams!


Diploma in Law - Learning from Lawyers is Fun!

Diploma in Law - Access to University course - LCATE

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Contract Law Certificate - CPD Course

Contract Law Certificate - CPD Course Learn the essential elements of a contract, the difference between conditions, warranties, what happens when there has been a 'mistake', 'misrepresentation'. When does a contract come to end in English law?

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The English Legal System Certificate

The English Legal System Certificate

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GDPR - Data Protection - What you need to know!

GDPR - Data Protection - CPD Course The GDPR will regulate the activities of organisations because most organisations process data. This course helps you understand the basic principles & gives you ideas of how to prepare!

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Legal English Language Certificate Course - Level 3 - 16 hours

Legal English - Level 3 - This course is aimed at helping you understand the structure and content of an agreement and the meaning of several clauses in an agreement. You will also gain knowledge of how to draft simple clauses in English.