Legal English Language Certificate - Level 3 - CPD 16 hours

Learning from Lawyers is Fun! | taught by Yasmine Lupin
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Yasmine Lupin
Yasmine Lupin
Lawyer/Trainer & Founder of LCATE

About the instructor

Yasmine is the founder of the 'London Centre for Advanced Training & Education' (LCATE), an educational establishment which provides legal Education to students all over the world.

  • Upon completion a certificate is automatically issued if the course is advertised as a 'certificate course'. Make sure you complete the course 100%. All the boxes on the left hand side must be ticked off.  If there are any issue(s) contact and a certificate will be issued.
  • Partial refunds are discretionary. There is no right to a refund if it is clear that the student has completed the course. 

An additional fee of £20 is payable for the certificate. 

Legal English - Level 3 - LELC will provide students with the following:

  • an understanding of the basic  structure and contents of an agreement
  • an understanding of 'Recitals' to a contract and their application 
  • an improved understanding of 'Condition Precedents' and tips on drafting such precedents
  • have the ability to recognise the difference between 'Warranties' and 'Indemnities'
  • an improved understanding of drafting in simple English 
  • an improved understanding of how to draft clauses in a contract and the importance of consistency 
  • an overview of the distinction between 'applicable law' clauses and 'jurisdiction' clauses 
  • an improved understanding of the execution of contracts and deeds
  • an enhanced understanding of applicable law provisions
  • an understanding of operative clauses and a guide to drafting such clauses 
  • Boilerplate clauses (an overview), their importance and schedules ot an agreement 

Course Contents

25 Videos
9 Quizzes
31 PDFs
16.0 hrs

Course Curriculum