Subject Access Request Procedure Simplified - GDPR - SAR Policy Templated Included

GDPR Simplified | taught by Yasmine Lupin
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Yasmine Lupin
Yasmine Lupin
Lawyer/Trainer & Founder of LCATE

About the instructor

Yasmine is the founder of the 'London Centre for Advanced Training & Education' (LCATE), an educational establishment which provides legal Education to students all over the world.  The following only applies to customers that have purchased an online course from this website! 

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This course is designed to help organisations get to grips with responding to Subject Access Requests. We try to simplify the process.  , 

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Upon completion request your templates: 'SAR Form, SAR Notice and SAR Policy' from 

The course is an overview and the templates are guides only. Please make sure that the templates are modified to meet your organisation's specific needs. 


Students will have:

  • understand the purpose of a 'SARs'
  • understand how the GDPR will impact 'SARs'
  • understand the procedure for fulfilling a 'SARs'
  • understand when 'SARs' can be refused 
  • understand the exemptions 
  • Understand the breaches and consequences 

GDPR Toolkit (Templates) 

The further GDPR templates. Please contact and these can be purchased 

directly from LCATE for an extra fee of £219.99
  • GDPR policy
  • Privacy Notice 
  • GDPR Training policy 
  • Records Policy
  • Clear Desk Policy 
  • Data Protection Impact Assessment Policy 
  • Policy on Transfer of Personal Data to Third Countries 
  • Consent & Withdrawal Policy & Procedure 
  • Complaints Policy 
  • Data Breach Policy 
  • Retention Policy 
  • Security Policy

Course Contents

13 Videos
4 Quizzes
6 PDFs
2.0 hrs