When you enrol (register) with the London Centre for Advanced Training and Education, LCATE, you and we accept the following terms and conditions. Some of these terms and conditions are required by English law.

Please email us via [email protected] if you have any queries.


Please read the following information carefully.


‘You’ means the student who wishes to join a course of study online with LCATE as an enrolled student.

  • ‘We’ and ‘Us’ means London Centre for Advanced Training and Education (“LCATE”).
  • ‘Course’ means the period of time You will spend on a single Module or the whole period of time You spend on a Short Online Course.
  • “Your” means of or relating to You.
  • Module(s) will mean: ‘Contract Law’ module, ‘The Legal English’ module, the ‘Communication & Legal Terminology’ module or the ‘Academic Research & Skills’ module.
  • Diploma in Law means – the four modules listed in the definition ‘Module’ above.
  • 'Short Online Course' means an online course which has a duration of less than 5 months and a cost of less than £200


When You enrol You must complete the Enrolment form/Application form and return it to us by email.

You must also provide LCATE with: a copy of your passport; proof of your address (utility bill with your name) & a qualification evidencing your competence in English.


You have the right to cancel your order up to 14 days after your order is made.

3.a - Refund - Short Online Course
  1. If you have completed between 50% to 95% of the course you have no right to a refund
  2. If you have completed between 15% to 50% of the course you have the right to a 50% discount

3.b - Refund - Diploma in Law or any Modules relating to the Diploma in Law

You have 14 days from the day You pay for one of your Module(s) to have a full refund. After 14 days has expired you will have no right to a refund. This applies even if you have commenced the course or you have not.

  1. In the event you unable to access the Course online due to reason(s) unknown to You, LCATE make exercise a discretion to provide You with a full refund provided You provide LCATE with evidence; if no evidence is provided within 7 days, no refund will be provided.
  2. In the event you are unable to access the Course online due to the fault of LCATE You will be provided with a full refund


LCATE does not accept responsibility for the following:

  • Your failure to complete each Module within the 5 month time period (includes the assignments and multiple choice tests);
  • Your failure to start the course within the 14 days required in order for you to ascertain whether You can do the Course or request a full refund;
  • Your failure to be connected to an appropriate server in order to complete each Module;
  • Your failure to provide the requisite Smart Charts to LCATE for each Lesson completed and also your failure to provide a Smart Chart with each of the respective assignments;
  • Your failure to take any IELTS exams or English qualification which is necessary for your enrolment at any university in England;
  • You agree that upon successful completion of the online Diploma in Law, that you will be responsible for applying to any university regarding your application for entrance to study a degree. LCATE is not responsible for any rejection by any university of your admission.
  • You agree that each university will have their own selection process.
  • We also disclaim any liability if you do not complete any online course within the prescribed time limit.
  1. Your performance will be monitored by LCATE for legitimate purposes of being sure that you have fulfilled your contract.
  2. As part of your Course you will be expected to purchase reading material which has been recommenced by LCATE.
  3. You agree that LCATE’s material is just a guideline.
  4. You agree not to copy or carry out any type of plagiarism.
  5. You agree to listen to all the lesson(s) and review(s) in each Module.
  6. You agree to do the Multiple Choice Test(s) allocated to each Module.
  7. You agree, if applicable to do presentation(s).
  8. You agree, if applicable to do Your final research project.
  9. You agree to complete and submit the Smart Chart for each of the lesson(s) and also a Smart Chart with Your assignment. Example: Smart Charts for each lesson from ‘Offer to end of Consideration’ including the Smart Chart for the assignment 1.
  10. You understand that failing to submit and assignment and the respective Smart Charts will constitute a fail and your assignment will not be marked.
  11. You agree to do all the multiple choice tests.
  12. You agree that in order for you to successfully complete the Diploma in Law you will need to successfully complete all the Module(s) which are defined above within a period not exceeding 20 months.
  13. You agree that all material regarding the online Diploma in Law is the intellectual property of LCATE and you will not copy in whole or any part of the material of LCATE.

9. You also agree that you will not provide derogatory comments regarding the Course to any individual and or publish the same any statement which can bring LCATE’s organisation into disrepute.

You agree to provide LCATE with permission to use your email:

  1. to correspond with you in order that you fully complete the respective Module(s);
  2. to disclose your full name, copies of your passport(s) and correspondence details to Athe or any other regulatory organisation which has the sole aim of ensuring that LCATE is in compliance with their regulations when providing the Diploma in Law.

LCATE agrees to destroy this information within 4 years after the date of completion by you of the Diploma in Law or earlier if you decide to terminate the Course earlier or complete one or two Modules only.

You have read the terms of this agreement and you agree to all terms.